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Dica TECNOPEG - YOUNG PROFESSIONALS MEETING - "Oilfield Scale Management" - 23/08

August 23rd, 2011 - 4:00 pm
IBP Headquarter - Almirante Barroso, 52 - 21st floor - Rio de Janeiro

"Oilfield Scale Management"
Alexander Kennedy - District Account Manager for International Oil Companies - Nalco Brasil

Alex has been working in the industry fo the last 15 years as a Production Chemist in the oilfield. He has worked on projects at the Gulf of Mexico, Angola and since 2008 has been focused on projects here in Brazil; where he is responsible for the accounts Nalco Company has with its international partners.

Oilfield Scales are deposits formed by the precipitation of minerals from an aqueous solution;  the amount of precipitation is governed by thermodynamics, kinetics and the hydrodynamics of a system and the amount of deposition can be substantial. The potential for plugging completions, sub-sea manifolds and topside equipment will have an impact on the facility;  this impact is typically decreased production and increase in the cost of operation.  

Because of the this, Scale Management needs to be considered in all phases of the asset life cycle, beginning with the Capex development phase up until the final phases of the project.  Only by having a proper selection of equipment, chemical programs and by having a detailed service plan for the potential scale, can you truly be prepared for the impact it can have on the system.  In this presentation we will discuss some of the basic scale concepts and how to effectively manage the risks associated with Scale in the oilfield.

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