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Verdade Sobre o WellCAP do IADC

Leiam o post de um dos foruns que participo e conheçam a verdade sobre o WellCap do IADC.



Replies to This Discussion

Mr Malik,  Your question is great and wished more hands would investigate,  IADC   International Association of Drilling Contractors,  Is and was the Best of it all 20 yrs ago and still today off shore and over seas..Any schooling you can get from them is Earned Not just given -Like Well Cap ..! it's a Joke Well-cap it was stated as a business to earn money from the oil-patch people and a gaurantee pass on your BOP Classes. it was a Quick fix to a big problem of people in the patch Not knowing how to handle Blow outs.
 it has become alittle big and better
BUT it is still far inferior to Anything offered by IADC Houston,  IADC can Give you any information or the people to answer any question in record time. IADC use to keep track of Fatalities and Loss time injuries and Drillers and Tool Pushers involved. For instance employer could call and get a reference on me from the IADC and see I had No registered accidents..Thats the reason alot of Drilling contractors wanted to get away from IADC, So They Created Wellcap, Which only keeps record of your card exspiration for 2 yrs. IADC card was good for a Lifetime and my class of 36 only 12 of us Passed. Sincerely  Big Al in the Drama Filled BAKKEN>

Hey, Big Al!
That was the better response about IADC WellCAP I've heard in all my long life.
Thanks to share and permit me to share among friends here in Brazil some of them just in classroom.
Regards from Brazil.
Luiz Souza

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